What are Aglaia Natural Paints

AGLAIA paints and decorating products have been manufactured since 1968 using only natural ingredients.

These high performance products are based on traditional formulations that have been further developed to minimise the impact on the environment, to have no adverse impact on our health, and allow buildings to breathe more easily.

Aglaia natural paints are made from abundant minerals and renewable crop sources, where ALL of the manufacturing waste goes to the municipal composting facility.  Modern petrochemical based paints, produce toxic waste and once applied, release dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds that can be seriously damaging to our health.  Aglaia natural paints are non-carcinogenic and do not encourage allergic reactions, as they contain no synthetic chemicals and attract little dust build up.

Aglaia’s strength as a company is built on quality products and honesty with its customers.

The wide range of Aglaia finishes allow you to choose decorating products that have less negative impact on our environment and our health.


Painting with natural paints really changes the process from a task, to an experience. The smells, application techniques and effects are varied and inspiring.


Painters used to make their own paints from natural ingredients, each craftsmen having their own special formulas. This practice ceased with the coming of the Industrial Age. The Aglaia Natural Paint range was first introduced in the late sixties and was based on old recipes, but improved for modern needs and applications. Over the years, Aglaia has earnt a solid reputation for quality and range of application.

Raw Materials

Raw materials used in the production of Aglaia include: Beech cellulose, Beeswax, Borax, Chalk, Citrus peel oil, Clove oil, Dehydrated castor (stand) oil, Earth and mineral pigments, Eucalyptus oil, Fir-needle oil, Glycerin, Iron Mica, Kaolin, Lavender oil, Linseed oil (refined), Marble lime hydrate, Mica, Milk casein, Natural asphalt, Natural gum milk, Potash, Quartz powder/Quartz sand, Shellac, Swelling clay, Talcum, Thyme oil, Wood stand oil.


More Information

For more Information please refer to the Full Aglaia Brochure.

Aglaia Paints are available in a range of different colour ranges including Aglaia Coastal ColoursAglaia Contemporary Colours and Aglaia Lacquer Colour. Please contact our suppliers for a list of colours that they stock different paints in.

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