Natural Paints

Our collection of natural paints offer a safer and eco-friendly alternative to decorating. With a low environmental impact, less harmful to health as well as great durability, our range of paints are ideal for professional painters and home decorators alike.

The Collection

Most contemporary paints you can buy from decorating centres or DIY chains are oil based. This means that the main components are derived from refined oil, materials such as acrylic or latex, and so the paints are not environmentally friendly, plus they also contain a variety of harmful chemicals.
Natural paints are wall coatings which are made using natural materials, with much less energy intensive production processes, and often using renewable material sources. They are much more friendly to the environment and also release less harmful chemicals.
We currently recommend a range of natural paints including Aglaia Natural Paints, Beeck Mineral Paints, Earthborn Claypaints and Cornish Lime Limewash. Visit our products page for more information, or contact us for your local supplier.

More Information

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